Accounting quiz is coming and I’m getting so nervous. I had no idea how to do depreciation, t journal, and all that jazz yet. I need the support of my crew but I am not too sure who could help yet.

– EP and I went to ETSY Craft Fair in North Van and picked up this beautiful illustration of Miya and magazine by Mint to Inspire! img_20160925_132318

– I don’t know how this guy does it but he did it, and with a smile at the end of the day. He stayed and sat for 4.5 hours while I studied Accounting in another room with a few other people. img_20160925_191920

– Since the professor allows us to bring 2 double-sided cheat sheet to the quiz, I decided to cram as much as I can to those two pages. Most people got theirs typed up but I find it beneficial to just write it out. img_20160928_200349

-Accounting quiz came and gone, it was fine. Just fine. I’m glad it’s over so now I can catch up on the reading and prepare for the next one.

– Nyak and Kap arrived to Vancouver img_20160930_202056

– 5k Inflatable Run with Danielle, Ken & Annie, and Eric. It was lots of fun, I just wish there was less running, more inflatable 😉 The girl running with t-rex costume on was the highlight of the whole run though.img_20161001_105133-01

– After a fun morning, I had to rush back to school and spend the rest of my Saturday (5 hours to be exact) working on economics assignment. It was a rather tense meeting but we got the assignment done nonetheless. img_20161001_173352

– On a side note, I’m really loving my Surface Pro 4. It’s been so useful, especially taking notes directly on slides and e-books.img-20160925-wa0032– Finally got to take photos on this bright and pink wall! I love how bright paint can change up the mood of an alley.img-20160930-wa0028


– Apparently PM Trudeau was in Vancouver that weekend