Resume update

When was the last time you update your resume? Most people update it quickly before they start their job hunt, I know I did.

We had an opportunity to update our resume with Doug from the Career Management Centre at SFU. He gave us a bunch of great tips on how to make our resume to stand out more and it was a great timing for me too since I have not updated my resume for awhile. I sat there after the workshop to really clean up my resume and make the necessary adjustments. I have not sat down with Doug again to go through my ‘new and improved’ resume, but I am quite pleased with the content in there now.

Check out my new resume here. Please let me know what you think of it!

I feel like I’m losing the design touch on this particular version because I had to use Word, but I have seen some people use Word really well. So if you have some ideas of how I can improve it, please write to me.

Doug, thank you for the nudge. I needed it!



Accounting quiz is coming and I’m getting so nervous. I had no idea how to do depreciation, t journal, and all that jazz yet. I need the support of my crew but I am not too sure who could help yet.

– EP and I went to ETSY Craft Fair in North Van and picked up this beautiful illustration of Miya and magazine by Mint to Inspire! img_20160925_132318

– I don’t know how this guy does it but he did it, and with a smile at the end of the day. He stayed and sat for 4.5 hours while I studied Accounting in another room with a few other people. img_20160925_191920

– Since the professor allows us to bring 2 double-sided cheat sheet to the quiz, I decided to cram as much as I can to those two pages. Most people got theirs typed up but I find it beneficial to just write it out. img_20160928_200349

-Accounting quiz came and gone, it was fine. Just fine. I’m glad it’s over so now I can catch up on the reading and prepare for the next one.

– Nyak and Kap arrived to Vancouver img_20160930_202056

– 5k Inflatable Run with Danielle, Ken & Annie, and Eric. It was lots of fun, I just wish there was less running, more inflatable 😉 The girl running with t-rex costume on was the highlight of the whole run though.img_20161001_105133-01

– After a fun morning, I had to rush back to school and spend the rest of my Saturday (5 hours to be exact) working on economics assignment. It was a rather tense meeting but we got the assignment done nonetheless. img_20161001_173352

– On a side note, I’m really loving my Surface Pro 4. It’s been so useful, especially taking notes directly on slides and e-books.img-20160925-wa0032– Finally got to take photos on this bright and pink wall! I love how bright paint can change up the mood of an alley.img-20160930-wa0028


– Apparently PM Trudeau was in Vancouver that weekend

#SFUMBA Week 2 Highlights

I’m freaking out. There are lots of readings assigned for this week and just looking at the calendar, it seems like we have so many things due soon. I like to plan things out but now I feel like I’m already drowning before the race even began.

But here are some highlights nonetheless:

– Read assigned articles to EP on the way up to Squamish and pretend it was a podcast

– Designed sandwich board for Smokehouse

– Took advantage of the sunny day and listed down all upcoming assignments into my new agenda (spent over an hour looking for the perfect agenda at Indigo downtown)

– Participated in a video shoot for SFU because why not 😉

– EP packed hainanese chicken with quinoa for lunch!

– Team discussion on what are the most important things for us, what we are looking for, and what we are willing to give up. Our team decided on three main things:

1) To create and foster a positive team culture

2) To complete all our assignments on time with a quality we are proud of

3) To stay humble and open to feedback 

I wrote that I’m willing to give up unexpressed expectations. I do that a lot, not just at school but in personal life, and I know by practicing giving it up, I will be much happier. Like Shakespeare said, expectation is the root of all heartaches. With EP too now, I try to let him know in advance just so he has a clear understanding and be on the same page as me.

Today is the end of the 2nd week yet it feels like I have been in school for much longer. I haven’t talked to most people in class, but I think I’m starting to get a handle of all their names now.

#SFUMBA Week 1 Highlights

– EP dropped me off to school on orientation day

– Met my new cohorts (all 51 of them!)

– Got my name tag and business photo taken 

– Took pictures with the podium and the signature clock

– 1st hang out with a few people from the cohort 

– Got a lavender bunch from EP

– Scavenger hunt around Vancouver with my new team. I gained the nickname “bunny” for having “endless energy” and “still jumping around after a long day of classes

It’s been a pretty long week it seems. I’m still so intimidated by my classmates and nervous to speak up in class. I know that I eventually have to because the leadership class relies heavily on class discussion.