#InspireItForward: Sharing Tips on Community Management for C. H.

A few weeks ago, I received a message from an old acquaintance of mine, Jess M, by surprise. It has been two years now since I left my community management role at Hootsuite so it was a pleasant surprise to know I was still being remembered! Jess connected me with Angie P. who was looking to get some ideas on how to really rejuvenate the campus ambassador program she’s spearheading over at C. H,  an online crowdsourced learning platform.
Angie and I talked for an hour and I shared a number of strategies that I used previously at Hootsuite. The challenges she faces are pretty similar to what I faced in the early days, so I was able to guide her through the evolution process and how I got Hootsuite ambassador program to the state that it was.
A week later, I followed up with Angie and she replied:
CourseHero testimonial
Thanks Jess for connecting us and best of luck, Angie!

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