Resume update

When was the last time you update your resume? Most people update it quickly before they start their job hunt, I know I did.

We had an opportunity to update our resume with Doug from the Career Management Centre at SFU. He gave us a bunch of great tips on how to make our resume to stand out more and it was a great timing for me too since I have not updated my resume for awhile. I sat there after the workshop to really clean up my resume and make the necessary adjustments. I have not sat down with Doug again to go through my ‘new and improved’ resume, but I am quite pleased with the content in there now.

Check out my new resume here. Please let me know what you think of it!

I feel like I’m losing the design touch on this particular version because I had to use Word, but I have seen some people use Word really well. So if you have some ideas of how I can improve it, please write to me.

Doug, thank you for the nudge. I needed it!


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