Feedback from @Van4Acumen Catalyst Challenge 

Another Saturday, another case competition! While I didn’t win this time around, it was still a great experience to learn about the case for Rumie Initiative and see the presentations from other groups. 

Thank you Acumen Vancouver for organizing this case competition, judges for grilling us with great questions and being here with us on a rainy Saturday.

​Here are some feedback and suggestions given by the judges:

– Address challenges, don’t leave them hanging

– Consider your audience

– Take a look at the judges background and try addressing them when answering 

– Always have KPI and metrics

– Share how you would implement your suggestions (tactical)

– Make sure graphics are high quality (not pixelated) and no misspellings

– Captivate judges with storytelling

– Show numbers even if you have to draw assumptions, or take in the numbers from similar businesses

– What are the inputs, the output, the overall impact of your suggestion

– How would you fund your suggestion

– Risk analysis

– Start the presentation with the solution, spend less time on the background story, and show how you come up with the solution


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