Skytrain this morning

​Guy A: * as entering the skytrain * I’m fine dude, I dont need to sit, they’ve fixed my heart.


Guy B: I lost your number intentionally. My phone can only hold 250 numbers.


A: I always get to the skytrain at 8:30. You were late today. You came at 8:35.

B: Yeah I wanted to cuddle a bit longer.


A: Is your wife back to work now?

B: Yes, since Aug. She leaves earlier than me and comes home later though.

A: because she’s not sucking the taxpayers money like you

B: no, I just work more efficiently than her.

A: you think so? I think she is more efficient than you.

B: what makes you think that?

A: she’s Chinese. She’s a female.

* both exit *

And there I was, closing my eyes and cringing through their whole conversation.


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