Richmond staycation

Sometimes you don’t have to go far to enjoy the beauty of life, the company of friends, the best of food.

We wanted to go to Kelowna for Thanksgiving but alas, due to my school schedule, we couldn’t. So after looking around for places to stay near Vancouver, we ended up in Richmond but somehow it felt like we were somewhere else, perhaps Hong Kong or Taiwan.

Richmond is just a stone throw away from where we all live but we haven’t explored much of it yet, especially as a group.

Turned out, it was the perfect place to be for us. We ate and ate, played games, shared life frustrations, experimented with 360 camera, stayed up all night. Sometimes it really does not matter where you go, it’s the people that make the difference.

Places we went to:

  • Claypot Hotpot: fancy three tier hot pot, steam, BBQ. It comes up to $30ish for each. All you can eat. Average quality of items.
  • Excellent Tofu: we went for desserts at 9:30pm and got seats right away. Spent about $5 each.
  • Jade Restaurant: we called an hour before coming in and they were able to reserve a table for us. Try the radish cake, it’s extra delicious here.
  • Hou Lok: late night congee and other greasy snacks. Order $30 worth of stuff, get 1 free large congee.

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