It’s so easy to get lost in the overwhelming amount of assignments but since the beginning, I made a commitment to still live my life to the fullest while doing this MBA program. This week is a good example of that as I try to balance out the two:

– Hanging out with the ILC crew on a rainy Saturdayimg_20160917_145410

– Dri, Matt, Emily, and I went to watch Snowden afterwards

-Totally lost in Econ class, so many graphs and formula that I can’t really wrap my head around itimg_20160919_170412

– I was falling behind for Accounting reading but Quinn seemed excited to learn all about it. The book assigned to us was definitely an informative one but when you were given a million of other readings to do, how do you have time for it all?img_20160920_205135-02

-Treating ourselves to bubbletea because I realized Coco is directly across the street from school! However, I was pretty disappointed with the taste. I expected more for the world’s largest bubbletea chain!


– Those who study together, learn together! We worked together as a group to go through videos we needed to get done and discuss the quizzes after we’ve done them, to make sure we truly understand the concept. I find this much more beneficial than studying alone.img_20160923_165909

– Each instructor seems to have their own way of teaching, some purely depend on slides, some depend on whiteboard, some just verbal. Slides work the best for me right now just so I can quickly write out ideas directly on the slides.img-20160919-wa0013

– Ending the week with the nephews… img-20160924-wa0026


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