Building Cardboard City

If I ask you to build a replica of the city with cardboard and only cardboard, where would you start?

I had no idea where to even begin. But thankfully they asked EP, not me, because he knew what to do right away.

He started in IKEA. We hunted for cardboard up down the aisles. There are a few particular type that’s good for specific purpose, he said.


Then off to the drawing board he went. I asked him to draw it out just so I can see what his vision was. 9934a8_33ef677be2ba4cdbb393f0b4d7f7e65c-mv2

Then it’s laser cutting time! It’s his first time cutting with a laser cutter and it definitely saved a lot of time! Just imagine cutting all these pieces by hand.9934a8_1302d63afca84ae2a1ed1ec73b699e4b-mv2_d_3840_2160_s_2

Just look at how thin it is!


He worked tirelessly on this project in preparation for the inaugural Vancouver Mural Festival. It was really inspiring to see him in action, working on what he’s passionate about.


People absolutely loved it. This video barely represents the amount of hard work Eric put in to his cardboard city but it’s something! I love hearing the ooh’s and aah’s as the passerby’s at Vancouver Mural Festival and how excited they were to paint their own “murals”.


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