Preparing for the hotel’s anniversary party

Here we are, just 2 weeks away from the Hotel’s third anniversary!

If you have been following my snapchat or instagram, you would know that I have been working on the concept for this upcoming anniversary party since January. It’s been such a fun and creative process, definitely something I enjoy doing. It reminds me of the days when I was convinced I wanted to be an event planner. But hey, maybe it’s not too late?

For the past few anniversaries, I have been involved on the design side and mostly just for collaterals. This year, I get to be in the driver’s seat and obviously I took this opportunity to make it our best celebration yet. At first we were going to hire an event planner to help us organize the event but after meeting with three, I realized it would be much cheaper if we were to do it ourselves and we can also control the quality of the entertainment we provide too! So from there, we started researching entertainers that would help bring this party to life.


I spent hours sitting by the pool side one day and it just hit me.. I want mermaids to be there. I had no idea where I would hire mermaids or how cheesy it would be, but much to my surprise, mermaiding is actually on the rise in Bali. I had no idea! Once I have confirmed the mermaids, it really set the tone for everything else. Then came the strings players, the acro dancers, the fashion show.. Everything just flow.

There is so many things I learned along the way. For example, Indonesians are just so creative and responsive. It was so easy to find anything I needed, whether it was through Instagram, Tokopedia, or just good ol’ Google. They pretty much everything and do it so inexpensively. We pretty much found our goody bag supplier, mermaid, swimwear designer, models from Instagram.

Now two weeks before the event, I just finished the design for the invitation and currently working on the photo backdrop.


The goody bag has been ordered, the decorations have been discussed, the sponsors are happy, the media have been identified. Now we just have to make sure we forward the invitation to as many people as possible!

More about the event soon..



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