Tending the Mayor

1 night I was in Bali, then I was in Jakarta, then I was on the plane, then Port Moody, then downtown Vancouver. All back to back. What’s going on?!

At first when my dad asked if I wanted to go home to Vancouver out of nowhere, I didn’t know what to say. Yes I want to go, but I also had a long list of things I wanted to do at the hotel. But I couldn’t turn down his offer because I was going to Vancouver to attend Globe Series Conference and be the personal driver/assistant to Ridwan Kamil, the #1 mayor in Indonesia right now.


I didn’t even have time to be jetlagged, it was always a time to go go go go.


We took him to UBC briefly. He enjoyed Vancouver so much that he said he might convince his son might be interested to study in Vancouver.


Later that night, he did a candid interview and dropped some wisdom at the Indonesian consulate.


Then the tour continued..



We started the conversation in Vancouver..


And we continued it in Bandung!


I was pretty exhausted but happy for the opportunity. It was amazing to hear directly from him the ideas and plans he has for Bandung and I can only hope his energy and goodwill would spread to the rest of Indonesia.


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