Mandapa Reserve Resort, Ubud

Life is good at Mandapa Reserve, the only hard thing is the damage on my wallet.

When I was looking for a place to check out this weekend, I was recommended over and over again to check out Mandapa Reserve by Ritz-Carlton in Ubud. It just opened a few months ago and is supposed to be the new luxury.

We were sure in for a treat. At $700 a night for their 100 sqm suite, this place doesn’t disappoint. I love their interior – luxurious but not pretentious. With only 35 suites and 15 villas, the place feels pretty homey and personal.


The breakfast restaurant offers a very standard buffet but the view of the Ayung River and the tasteful decor made up for it.


Rose gold cutleries? Genius.


After breakfast, we joined in the rice planting activity. This is one of the complimentary activities they have and it sure was fun! I’ve walked and biked on rice paddies before, but never actually planted them… until today!


Mud bath is the best kind of bath!


Afterwards we chilled by the rice paddy, just enjoying the brisk wind and taking in the view. When it got dark, we went down to the restaurant lounge by the river.


What’s so nice about the restaurant lounge is that it’s situated right by the river and they put spotlights on some trees too. So not only you get the sound of the Ayung River, but you also get to enjoy the view at night in your private little “cocoons”.


Mandapa Reserve, thank you for the inspiration and the experience.



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