Pasar Lama, Kota Tua Tangerang

The more I visit Tangerang, the more I see its charm. Unlike Jakarta, Tangerang feels like it still has a visible community touch to it. The roads are just as big and busy as Jakarta, but the buildings are more animated and the bridges are colourful.

Today we visited Pasar Lama in Kota Tua part of Tangerang. We weren’t looking for anything specific and so we wandered around with our cameras out like tourists.

We found some heritage homes, a busy local Vihara, street food vendors, and vegetable market.





What surprised me the most was the long river by it. It’s clear of garbage, which unfortunately is a huge shocker for rivers in Indonesia. We’re notoriously known for our inability to keep our natural beauty clean but this river didn’t fall under that category.


Overall it was a lovely area to be on a Sunday morning and I’m glad we went to check it out instead of going to the mall. If you are in Jakarta and want to enjoy a simpler life, even just for an hour or two, do check out Pasar Lama in Tangerang. I suggest bringing some cash to buy their fresh fruits and vegetable too.



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