Welp, it’s 2016 already. In fact, it’s already 20 days in to 2016.

To be completely honest, I dreaded the coming of 2016. 2015 was a confusing year for me, with a lot of up and downs. Don’t get me wrong, there are so many amazing things that happened in 2015 but my transition from Vancouver to Jakarta didn’t go as smoothly (emotionally) as I have expected. So when I saw 2016 was just around the corner, I panicked. I thought I haven’t even figured out 2015 yet, how was I supposed to greet 2016?

Turns out, I had nothing to worry about. I welcomed 2016 with my family in Taipei and for the first two weeks of 2016, I spent it with my closest friends and it felt amazing. So now, 3 weeks in to 2016, I have nothing but good feelings about this year.

Every year I pick a theme for that year. 2013 was the year to be recognized, 2014 was to be in the present. I didn’t pick any for 2015 and I think that’s what left me astray too. I won’t let that happen in 2016.

In 2016, I want to love.

Yes, it is as simple and complicated as that. I want to love life, I want to love my job, I want to love my friends and family more, I want to love myself (no, no Bieber reference here). Sometimes when we get busy with life, we forget to love. We choose to be mad, or tired, or whine instead. But life is too short for all those. This is the year to love.


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