3 Things I Realized In the Shower Today

A few days ago I wrote a long piece about me getting sick, yeah yeah, I’m over it now. And I even found some more wisdom when I finally took shower for the first time in days.

  1. Man, I stink. Seriously, I stink so much! It must be all the sweats.
  2. Damn my abs are looking good! I didn’t eat much the last few days and whatever I ate, I threw it up anyways so my abs have never been this flat in the last 2 months. Woop. I did not have to fire my personal trainer the moment I go back. I can now tell him I’ve been on a diet 😉
  3. I finally understand what they mean by “self-tan”. I’ve got so tanned over the last few days! I mean I was so hot that I burned my own skin! Ha.

Ah yes, I might have taken an extra funny pill today. But hey, can a girl joke about her own sickness?


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