Birthday gift from me to me

I spent the last few days in bed. I don’t remember the last time I was this sick. Perhaps it was when I had shingles back in 2010 but that was awhile ago.

It all started with me complaining about the pain in my lower back. I did not think much of it because it happened many times before and I always blame it on the way I sleep and the way my bed sinks in. Then the weekend of the slumber party, I thought I had a UTI or something because it was just not fun to go pee. But since I had my friends over, I put that thought aside and focus on having a good time with them.

But all day Sunday my head hurt. It felt like someone hit me in the back while I was asleep or something because the pain just won’t go away. I figured I was probably dehydrated so I took drank some water, pop a tylenol, and took a nap. I woke up an hour later feeling better but horrible at the same time that I took a nap while my friends cleaned the place up. I quickly joined them though I felt a little weak still.

The evening went on and I was still fine. But on the morning of my birthday (how timely!), I felt strange. I was so tired, so weak. I forced myself to get out of bed and enjoy the beautiful day outside. After all, Eric has taken his day off to celebrate and so we shall! Brunch took almost an hour to be ready and it was just a very normal granola and yogurt for me and pannekoek for him. Nothing exciting and I was already too hungry to care. The food helped me gain some strength though my back was just so sore. Thankfully my car has seat warmer and they worked magic as we drove to Terra Nova park.

Once we were there, we just took a nap under the blue sky. It was so nice. Lovely weather, great company, fun sound of kids running around in the background. It was just perfect but I was not in the mood of being too playful. When we went for a quick visit at the new Outlet mall, I did not have the appetite to shop either. All I wanted is to curl up and nap some more. Thankfully Eric saw something was wrong and was fine with me napping some more at home after popping another medicine in.

After dinner and cake cutting with my sister, I got back to the car and started to shiver. And that’s when I know something is wrong.

I shivered more that night. And more the next day. I was sweating for one hour and shivered the next. I’ve had fever before but I don’t know if it was ever that bad.

So on the fourth day, I said enough is enough. After eating dinner at Pearl Hot Pot, Eric and I went to the ER at Royal Columbian Hospital to get myself checked up. Thankfully it did not take long for me to get a bed to lay down on. I gave them urine sample twice and they took a blood sample too. And of course because life is just so funny, I missed the doctor when I went to the washroom and had to wait for another hour for him to come.


When he finally came, he just told me “kidney infection. Here I’ll write you a prescription, take it for ten days.” And he left. Wow, I waited four hours for that? But hey kidney infection. I googled almost everything related to fever but didn’t come close to that one. Interesting.

So five days after being pretty much bed ridden, I’m all better now after that ER visit. Now I know the pain in my back is actually related to the fever and now I know how bad a fever can be.

To be honest, I was pretty ashamed to even be sick. I was not doing much. I just did a lot of hanging out with friends and not taking good care of myself (i.e. skip out on breakfast and lunch til 3pm for days). So it was really my own fault for being sick. Thanks fever for the not-so-gentle reminder on my birthday! I feel so much wiser already.


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