Slumber Party

What do you get when you put a bunch of “adults” in a house together for a weekend? You get one crazy slumber party!

I never had nor went to a slumber party when I was younger and frankly, neither did my friends. So we decided it’s about time we have our own. Yes, talk about taking control of your own fate! As always, I take the pleasure of organizing the pre-party logistics. Those stuff just give me the rush. I love it. I spent hours running around getting groceries, party items, jam packing my car with them, sourcing out details, and making sure everyone has a ride. Even Emille.


In my attempt of being a good host, I arrived earlier to start setting things up and despite the little hiccup (I forgot the deep fryer and had to drive back to get it), everything look good when most of the guests arrive.



And the evening were just nothing but full of fun and laughter shared by the 18 of us that were there. We made kimbap for dinner, cheese fondue at 2 a.m., cake and takoyaki for breakfast, deep fried food for lunch. We spent all night playing board games and just laughing our heads off. I have always loved the house but not as much as I did that night. We all slept in the random corners of the house, curled together on the carpet and on the couch, some on the tents outside.


IMG_20151004_151307IMG_20151003_185122 IMG_20151003_201906


Jamming and singing


Because it’s normal to have cheese fondue at 2am right?


Of course we brought our onesies and put them on..

No group photo would feel complete without some jumping ones. It was a lovely Fall day outside and the leaves are perfectly changing colours so we took the party outside and attempted to jump. Turns out, it’s harder to coordinate 11 people to jump at the same time than anticipated.

Jumping picture #1

Jumping picture #2

Jumping picture #3


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