The background story of preservARTion

Remember a month ago I went to visit Blangsinga for a meeting with 150+ men that led me to being invited to a special ceremony? Well it all led to the planning of preservARTion.

My dad and I were invited to Griya Blangsinga where the living dance legend, Maestro Gus Aji Blangsinga, lives and teaches. He apologetically explained to us that his house is a mess because he’s currently raising funds to build a dance studio there to welcome even more students and teach them the real and traditional Balinese dance. We were stunned by how much it means to him to preserve such art. It got us thinking, how can we help this 86 years old man preserve this treasure? Better yet, how do we share his dream with more people?

Here’s what we came up with:

Screen Shot 2015-07-22 at 6.17.28 PMIf you happen to be in Bali on August 14th, please do consider coming! The team and I have been working our asses off for this event. We hope tourists, expats, and locals alike will join us for this special night featuring the legend himself. I have had the honour to watch him dance and it was just remarkable for an 86-year old man to still be dancing with such elegance and energy. Through this event, we hope we will inspire more people to conserve and appreciate the true treasure of Bali, its art.


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