Summer Berries

Ah how I miss the taste of fresh summer berries! They’re pretty much the number one reason why I love Summer so much!


Having gone berry picking for a few years now, I certainly miss it this year. I tried looking for blueberries here but I could not find any! Maybe some frozen ones, but even those are rare. Some nights before I hit the hay, I think about the weeks where I sold blueberries at work two years ago. I literally sold over 150 lbs a week and was making some good, quick bucks out of them. I spent the money earned to buy even more blueberries for myself. I can finish 10lbs in a week by myself! Yes, I love them that much.


Of course being here in a tropical country has its perks too. The mangoes are sweeter, the fruits are cheaper, but I cannot help but to crave for those berries. Can someone please FedEx some over?!



I hope there will be some left when I’m in Vancouver in August!


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