Trip to Mara River Safari Lodge& Canyoning at Gitgit Waterfall

My mom came to visit this weekend for a wedding and I did not waste on this opportunity to take her out on an adventure! I planned on bringing her to Le Pirate at Nusa Ceningan but found out just a day before that they had a fire accident and our reservation had to be canceled. I quickly looked for another alternative and found Mara River Safari Lodge and thought it would be a good opportunity to check the place out and see if it would be fun for my nephews when they come to visit in August.


Opened in 2007, Mara River Safari Lodge offers their guests a unique and immersive experience of living in a Safari. Our Swala comes with a direct view of the safari animals and some carrots to feed them. The hotel also offers multiple activities throughout the day including piranha feeding, elephant bathing, dine with lions, white tiger show, night safari.


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We had fun interacting with some of the animals there but had worse luck with the service. Considering how much I paid for the room, the service was subpar to say the least. They did not seem interested in pleasing the guests and we had to wait at least 5 minutes every time we want to go or leave the hotel.

Beside the hotel experience, I wanted to do something fun, something a little bit crazy. I have been done anything too fun since I got back to Indonesia so I looked for something i have not done before. After hours of googling, I found this company that does canyoning in North Bali. I had I had never really heard of canyoning before and did not know what to expect. My poor mom had no clue, none whatsoever, what we were doing until we got to the base camp.


We left the hotel at 6am and drove two hours to Singaraja to the base camp of Adventure And Spirit : Indonesian Team of Canyoning. We were quickly strapped in and in just two hours, we successfully rappelled down 7 waterfalls, slide down 5 times, jumped from a 4m, 2m, and 6 metres cliff, ziplined, and swam in the cold water! 

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What an incredible adventure! I have been wanting to do cliff diving but never really gathered enough courage and met anyone that wants to do it with me. I’m so glad I had the chance to test myself with the jumps today. My heart stopped when I jumped off the first time, but it quickly caught up by the second and third. I am so proud of my brave mom for completing the whole course with me and to think of it, it was really risky considering her age. But she was such a great sport and had a huge smile on her face the whole time.


Watch the highlights from our trip here.

If you are ever in Bali, I highly recommend giving canyoning with the Adventure and Spirit guys a try! I would do it again in a heartbeat. Thank you mas Angga and mas Rama for being such great guides!


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