3 weeks in

It has been over three weeks since I packed up my luggage and leave the life I had back in Vancouver. And let me tell you now, it has not been easier. I scroll on Facebook and Instagram endlessly. I walk around with an empty stare. I cry myself to sleep. Now now, I don’t want to be all dramatic. Honestly, life has been really good here too. I got a great team, a beautiful property, and a wonderful opportunity in front of me.

It is just hard. Transitions are hard and especially when done alone. I know and I remember vividly what it is like to be on top of the world, to feel happy and loved immensely. Now I go home to the empty hotel room and go through the day without really talking to anyone that cared about my day. Of course everything is glorified on social media. Everyone thinks I am having the time of my life. Little do anyone know that I am hurting and crying here. I keep reminding myself that this is just the beginning and I need to give myself some time to adjust. I just need to get out more, find new friends, find new hobby, find new everything. It is just hard to force myself to do all that because I know I already had it all and I am too lazy to start a new life all over again. I know what happiness is like and this is not it. Thankfully I have my support crew that kept me sane during this crazy time:

  • My family who’s just a Whatsapp away and always cheering me up with tons of videos and photos of my nephews and niece
  • Diana L. for always being there ready to listen to anything and everything
  • Eric P. for letting me let loose and be silly
  • Mike T. for keeping me in check
  • Kingsley C. for keeping me up to speed with Game of Thrones and Silicon Valley
  • Marina T. for making me super excited about NYC

I’m glad I have Alan and Joe here too. At least they are the only two that treat me as a friend and I really, really appreciate that.

Three weeks in and I like to think I have done quite a bit to make an impact here. I just need to keep my chin up and force myself to get out there more.


One thought on “3 weeks in

  1. Hang in there Steph! It’s just the start but it’ll only get better from here 🙂
    After this you can conquer anything in the world!

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