The right kind of goodbye’s

Everyone handles goodbye’s differently. Some goodbye’s are harder, some are easier to get over with.
When I first made the decision to make the move back to Indonesia, I was not entirely sure what I was thinking and I was scared. I kept it as a secret for 4 months to most people and only told about 20 of my closest friends about the move. It was not because it was supposed to be a secret or anything; it was just because I was scared. I did not want to tell too many people just in case I changed my mind. I also did not want to make it a big deal. People move all the time, why should I make a special announcement? And if I did and no one cared, how horrible would I feel?
As the weeks were getting closer and closer, I started dropping hints on my social network and the inbox blew up. I received so many encouraging words and coffee invitations than I have ever been. The amount of support I received online was just overwhelming, but to top things off, the amount of love I received in person was just much, much more.
The whole month of May became a month of celebration. Celebration of my accomplishments, celebration of my new adventures, and most importantly, celebration of friendships. There were barely any tears dropped because we all knew this was not the end. I am not dead and not planning to be dead anytime soon. I am simply moving away to build a greater future for my family and distance has nothing on the friendships I have built over the years.
Here’s a quick look of the celebrations that happened in May:
  • May 1: Last day at Hootsuite. We had a wonderful potluck as a team with all my favourite food. Diana presented me with the most thoughtful book ever put together with wonderful quotes from people around the company and memorable photos. Connor sent a beautifully written email to a number of teams around the company about my departure. We stayed late at work too to enjoy the delicious mango drinks Eric put together, to take countless photos, and to just laugh our heads off. Then a few of us went for a late dinner and stormed Diana’s house after.
  • May 7 – 10: Disneyland! I was not going to go but it turned out to be such a wonderful trip!
  • May 14 – 18: Las Vegas! Different crowd, different feeling than Disneyland but it was a great time with the girls
  • May 22: On my last 5 hours of being in Vancouver, I decided to attend Hootsuite concert, Hootenanny III. Why be at home and be miserable when I can spend the last few hours with some of my closest friends?

In between all these, I went on a number of coffee dates, picnic, bridesmaid dress shopping, movies, arts and crafts, ATV in dirt road.. it’s pretty crazy to think that in the month of May, I only had 1 weekend in Vancouver. The other 2 weekends I was away to Los Angeles and Las Vegas.
Goodbye’s are hard because we are all so used to our regular routine. I do not know what I will be doing in 24 hours, 48, 72 and it scared me. But with so many people cheering me on, I know I have nothing to be afraid of. Life will go on for both them and for me, but real friendships last a lifetime. I cannot wait to embark on this new adventure and make my loved ones proud. At least that is the least I can do after everything they have done for me. No thank you will ever be enough to say how grateful I am for the love and the encouragement. I am truly lucky and blessed.

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