Dear 2014,

You were one of those years that I didn’t have much expectations about. I only had one goal in mind at the beginning of you, which is to be present. It was a goal that seemed simple enough but I knew would be challenging to do because I have been on the constant chase for the next big opportunity. Yet, you proved to be one year full of activities:

  • Snowmobile and spa day with Crystal Jiang
  • Modeled for YWiB SFU at Holt Renfrew
  • Represented Hootsuite (Global) at SXSW
  • Got Owly on the Mashable’s wrecking ball
  • Biked around Austin, Texas with Destin Haynes at midnight
  • Games night x 4
  • Started The Selfie Guru with Vincent Chu and sold over 180 selfie sticks
  • Became a Godmother to Lorien and Adrien
    – travelled to Singapore, Singapore, Bali, Indonesia, Jakarta, Indonesia, South Korea, Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco
  • Dinner and midnight swim with Jeremiah Owyang, Sean Moffitt, Bryan Kramer
  • Attended the wedding of two Balinese royalties
  • Took the Sea To Sky Gondola up with Kingsley
  • Jump for joy photoshoot & mural with Eyoälha
  • Test drove a Tesla car
  • The Selfie Guru got into BuzzFeed and PointLocus got mentioned in a Forrester Research.
  • Took a dip in a glacier lake with Greg Williams and Eric Puchmayr
  • Monkeyed around at Tree Top Adventures
  • Kayak and swam at an outdoor pool with Andrea and Alexa
  • Day trip to Victoria B.C. with Maryanne Nonie Bolden and Don Bolden
  • Hiked up to Garibaldi Lake with Melody Tung Harry Xiao Nada Chan Arnold Limantono Jun Ying and many others
  • Dîner en Blanc – Vancouver with Susie
  • Blueberry picking
  • Bubbleball
  • Archery Tag
  • Raised $1k for The Easter Seals
  • Rappel down a building as Rapunzel
  • Dined at Five Sails with “Mr. Darren Romeo”
  • Planned an escape room + murder mystery for Kingsley
  • Kingsley planned a cutthroat kitchen
  • Quinn got ill and went through xray, ultrasound and surgery
  • Spent 5 days in Whistler with the family

Thank you 2014 for forcing to me to keep my focus. Though I felt so tired and depressed at times, you continue to show me I have control over my own happiness.


One thought on “2014

  1. When you write down your achievements, you learn not to take things for granted and also about how many big things you can achieve in just one year. Your 2014 sounds amazing. Keep smiling along Stephanie!

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