#InspireItForward: @MeghanWong

The following post is written by Meghan Wong. It’s been awhile since I had time to do information interview. I was really excited when I got connected by Meghan who is a recent graduate of SFU Crimonology (Honours). Meghan is a part of PACT: Professional and Career Transition and was recommended to reach out to me by my previous supervisor at SFU Career Services, Brenda Badgero. Meghan and I were able to connect right away.  We chatted for half an hour about personal branding, social media jobs, and her passions. Before she left, we took a selfie and she wrote this super sweet post about our time together. Please note that this post was not altered in any way. 

Meghan & Stephawie

I had the pleasure of meeting Stephanie Wiriahardja, the community manager of Hootsuite for an informational interview. I was extremely nervous before our meeting, however, within the first few minutes of our meeting I felt extremely comfortable talking with her. I actually brought my list of questions on a sheet, but I did not need my “cheat sheet” as our conversation simply flowed. This was my first informational interview. I did not know about these types of interviews until I joined PACT. Brenda Badgero from SFU Career Services is one of the facilitators for the career portion of PACT; Brenda was kind enough to introduce me to Stephanie because I am interested in social media. Stephanie and I talked for about 30 minutes, and I really appreciated all the advice she gave me. Let me tell you, Stephanie is brilliant!

Key points that I learned during our informational interview

  • Having a brand is important, but you need to know what you want your brand to say. Before our meeting, I never thought about what I wanted my brand to say. Right now I am still brainstorming ideas.
  • Passion is important. Stephanie is passionate in all facets of her life. Whether she is working as a community manager at Hootsuite, the creative director at Le Meredian Bali Jamban, or the person behind The Selfie-Guru; Stephanie exudes passion.
  • Sometimes taking opportunities where your passion lies, may not necessary pay off at first, but when you’re happy at the end of the day, it is worth it.
  • Not only should we celebrate the big moments in our lives, but we must also remember to celebrate the small ones too.
  • Social media has changed the way that we interact with one another. Although social media never sleeps, we need to take time out from it.
  • A job is like working with a blank canvas, and we need to work with different paint colours that we are given and make it work. This is probably one of my most favourite analogies!

After my meeting with Stephanie, I feel more motivated to blog and continue this project of mine. Stephanie devised The Dandelion Theory; where she “grow[s], evolve[s], and spread[s] [her] knowledge, skills, and passion in building community, design, photography, and marketing”. She is authentically living her Dandelion Theory. I can see this! I really admire Stephanie and all of her accomplishments. Thank you so much for taking time out of your busy schedule to meet with me Stephanie!


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