A Month to Celebrate

Yes, yes, the sun is setting a little earlier now and the street is getting more wet now, but I’m particularly excited for this September. There are a few things I’m celebrating this month:

  • 10 years in Canada: I’ve always wanted to move to Vancouver since the first time I set foot in 1999 but I didn’t make the move until 2004 when I graduated from ninth grade. I was (and am still) stoked to be in this beautiful city. I’m so thankful for all the friends I’ve made and the amazing opportunities I’ve had in the past ten years.
  • PR Card: Not a lot people know this, but I was studying and working solely on visa and work permits. It’s not until June of this year that I finally got my PR and I just recently received my PR card. So happy I don’t have to worry about renewing my work permit for the next little while.
  • 3 years at Hootsuite: It’s crazy to think that I’ve been working at Hootsuite for three years now. When I first joined the company, I knew it was something special but I had no idea I would still be here three years later. I’ve seen a lot of changes in the company but the culture and the opportunities are what keeping me happy there.
  • Rappelling off a 20 story building: In less than four days, I will be rappelling off a building as a reward for raising $1k for the Easter Seals. The fundraising itself was the scariest part really. I never raised that much money before and I thought I was too optimistic. Thankfully, I have some really awesome and supportive friends that helped me raise enough money two weeks before the event. I’ll be rappelling in my favourite princess costume, it’ll be both awesome and embarrassing!
  • It’s been 3 months since Kingsley was last in town. He’s visiting this week for 10 days to attend 2 weddings, celebrate our monthiversary, and watch me rappel.

While I’m usually all gloomy and sad when summer is over, there’s too much to celebrate this month to feel blue. So cheers, let’s be merry! We all have reasons to celebrate this month. Let gratitude take over! Don’t let the sunshine fade away from your heart 🙂


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