Burst of Gratitude

I like to things for granted. I like to think I reflect back to the past to learn and see what I’ve done and celebrate successes, but the truth is. I haven’t done so lately. It was a great wake up call when I got an email from someone in Edinburgh last week asking to get a little bit of my time to learn about my work. I said yes immediately because I was incredibly honoured to be recognized by people from across the pond, but a few minutes before the call I started panicking. What should I tell her? I don’t know if my experiences are good enough.

The call turned out great. She has done quite a bit of research about the work I do for the Ambassador program and familiar with my portfolio. She reminded me that it has been quite an accomplishment to get to where I am. But that’s not all. During the call, I remembered everyone that has helped me to get to where I am today. Without their help, there won’t be 544+ Ambassadors worldwide, there won’t be 80+ #SelfieSticks running around Vancouver, there won’t be fun and excitement in my world. I certainly hope one day I can thank each one of them accordingly. One hug and one call at a time.


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