Videos of Julian’s Birthday & @CraftedVan’s Booth at #GotCraft

Once in awhile, I like to challenge myself and push my own boundaries, especially in a creative sense. Over the last year, I’ve starting to realize I enjoy filming. Though I’m not good at it, I always look for opportunities to practice and do more and this weekend, two opportunities showed up: 1) my nephew’s 5th birthday party 2) Craft’ed booth at GotCraft.

For the last few years, Julian’s birthday party has always been held at home and this was the first time it was held somewhere else. It was also my first time going to Koko’s so I had no idea what the lighting and the space was going to be like. To my surprise, the colours on the video turned out really well. Chasing after super hyper 5 year olds are not the easiest, so I mostly just filmed them when they’re sitting down and eating their food but I’m glad I got to capture some precious moments. This video was also a surprise for my sister who worked so hard to get all the decoration ready. Just look at how amazing everything is!

After the birthday party, I rushed to see a friend in Yaletown and since we didn’t end up shopping for long, I decided to check out GotCraft. When I got there around 4, it was pretty busy and the Craft’ed booth was one of the busier ones. I made my way there and said hi to the two creatives behind the brand, Erica and Diana. As expected, they have the biggest smiles as they greeted everyone to their booth. Their display and cute characters won my heart right away and made it so easy to film their booth. Again, I’m happy the colours turned out well and somehow I was able to handle the camera well this time. Usually I would get a shake or a jerk here and there, but this short video is just oh so smooth!

I’m looking forward to the next opportunity to film again because it’s just so fun. A great break from typing and staring at my computer all day 🙂


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