Be Proactive

Be that one in the seven thousand. That was the title I chose for my talk at Simon Fraser University’s Interactive Design course last week. It was a repurposed title from another presentation I did last year, but I thought it makes to bring it back to a group of students that are eager to know what’s out there for them.

As a student, I was a fairly quiet one. I never raised my hand in class. I choked every time I gave a presentation. I skipped a few labs here and there. So I felt really honoured to be invited by Andrew Hawryskewich to be a guest lecturer for his class of 50 students.

In the slides (below), I touched upon the advantages they have as students and why they should start using social media to leverage their own brand today. I started the presentation by admitting to them that I did an experiment. In my conversation with Andrew weeks prior to the lecture, I told him to let the students know they can reach out to me directly with questions so I can address them during the lecture. Only one did.

Unfortunately that’s true for the real world too. I’ve heard many of my friends complaining that they couldn’t find a job and when I sat down with them to see what they’ve possibly done wrong, I realized that none of them have tried to be proactive. So the million dollar question I always ask them is… How do you stand out?


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