Down the runway

When I was younger, I did a couple fun runway modelling. I wasn’t exactly the leanest nor tallest girl in the cohort, but I had this huge confidence in me that led me to be chosen. I modelled a few children’s clothing and the last time I modelled, it was for an Indian fashion show.


It was one of the most memorable high school activities I’ve ever participated in. It was my first time putting a Sari too and I felt wonderful in it. I love the soft silk and the bright colours. I love walking down the stage, popping my hips, and smiling widely to the audience. Above all, I love being silly and being someone else for a change.


Earlier this month, I wrote an article about confidence and how it seems to decrease as we gets older. That’s just the sad truth. We’re all so busy thinking about what others might think of us, but what’s the fun in that? So when I was presented with an opportunity to put on some fancy clothes from Holt Renfrew, I took it.


Before going out to the mini “runway”, I asked myself if I want to be mediocre and walk out quickly, or if I want to make an impression. I chose the latter. I channeled the confidence young Stephanie had and I walked down the runway with confidence. I played with the outfit and I teased the audience with my poses. I’m not quite sure if it’s very chic or Holt Renfrew-y, but I knew I accomplished my mission when a throng of women from the audience just came to say hi to me afterwards and complimented my style.

Screen Shot 2014-03-03 at 12.26.55 AM

They liked how cheeky I was and how much fun I expressed. I liked that too. For a few minutes, I wasn’t the introverted emo Stephanie. I was the confidence young Stephanie. I like that side of me and please don’t mind me if I be more cheeky more often.


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