Too busy

It’s been awhile since I last wrote. There’s no good explanation why and I’m not going to make one up. I’ve been lazy and even that’s an understatement. This new year has been pretty amazing so far, with all the great opportunities it has presented me and I have been feeling pretty blessed. 

To start with, I won an award. Not just any award, but a Lifetime Achievement Award. Never knew I’d receive such a great honour like that when I’m 24 years old. As surprised as I was to receive it, I was actually already expecting it. Days before the nomination was up, I asked many of my coworkers and friends to nominate me. It sounds pretty selfish but over the last years, I’ve learnt that I have to create my own opportunities, not wait around for it to knock on my door. What was amazing too is that my name appeared on three other awards. It’s a remarkable feeling to be recognized I tell you.

Last week, I found out I’m going to SXSW. I’ve been helping out for the last two years and this year, I get to personally go and enjoy the experience itself! Now, there’s a lot of hard work that’s still needed to be done but I’m quite flattered knowing only 21 people from the company were chosen, out of 450 of us.

In the midst of these all, I also set aside to rediscover my talent in videography by filming the inaugural CMHootUp, gather a group of friends together to help plan my trip to Korea, give my love and support to Vitae Juice, support my driven YWiB mentee, play games night and maintain my long distance relationship. See, I have so many things I could write about. 

I guess I was just procrastinating and I kept telling myself “I’m too busy” to even write my thoughts out. It’s a vicious cycle. Being busy is very relative and I know I have a lot of down time for myself, but instead of writing a blog post , I chose to catch up on Modern Family.  


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