New vision

It’s been a month since I had my LASIK eye surgery and my eyes have never felt better.

I first went for LASIK examination back when in 2009 and although I was already qualified, I decided to wait a few more years until my vision fully settled. In August of this year, I decided I was ready so I went for my exam once again and they said I’m a good candidate, just need to keep lubricating my eyes because they’re quite dry. 

The day of the surgery came faster than I expected and the two days following to it, I was getting really excited. I felt I was so much more productive because I knew I wouldn’t be able to use my eyes a week after the surgery. I started thinking to myself, I should really treat every day as if it’s my last day before a surgery and that way, I’d get so much more stuff done! 

I got to LASIKMD by 10:30 am and I was out by 1:30 pm. The surgery was so quick (+- 7 minutes total) and I didn’t suffer from any pain. As soon as I got up from the surgery table, I could already see far, though it was a little blurry. 

The next few days I spent at home and I had a lot of time having conversation with myself. It’s funny that I freed up so much time just because I wasn’t allowed to use my computer nor phone. The hour went so slow and I could see my body started to get restless. The rest was great though. I painted a matryoshka for the first time, cut a pomelo for the first time, ate dinner at the dining table, had conversations with my mom and sister. It felt like I was introduced to a world I haven’t tapped into for a long time. I felt calm and very well rested. 

Going through this surgery didn’t only give me perfect 20/20 vision, but also a new perspective in life. I learned the beauty in the darkness, the humming of the silence. I wake up every morning feeling thankful for my new vision and ready to take on the world, calmly and compassionately.


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