I owe my @24hoursvan #T24U24 fame to these people…

I’ve always wanted to be listed as a Top XX under XX and today that dream came true with the help of many of my wonderful friends.

Top 24 Under 24Screen Shot 2013-10-23 at 11.30.09 AM

  • Michael Cheng: You’re my inspiration. Everything you do inspires me to keep pushing myself.
  • Jillian Walker: I owe you for making me the person that I am today.
  • Michael Tan: Thank you for your immediate response. #leadbyexample
  • Thiago Leite: You’re the best “brother” ever! #nuffsaid
  • Marina Tostes: I’m constantly amazed by you and your amazing background story. #crazylatina
  • Elaiza Datar: You always know how to make me feel so special and cool.
  • Diana Luong: Your positivity and excitement is contagious. #rollandrockbuddy4eva
  • Kennett Kwok: Thank you for always ready to exchange ideas and thoughts! #sewiousbusiness
  • Crystal Jiang: Love how excited you were for me. #ultimatecheerleader
  • Lotta Ygartua: Thank you for your kind words and agreeing to help me with this.
  • Thomas Law: I’m happy to hear you’re being challenged every day at work and you motivate me to do the same in mine!
  • Ileana Rossello: You take such a great care of me and I can’t thank you enough for that
  • Diana Chow: Thanks for picking on the news and sharing it with the company!
  • Destin Haynes: Thank you for agreeing to be my reference at a moment’s notice and thanks for always being so supportive.

Though I never and would never consider myself a “social media guru”, I am more than ecstatic to be featured in the papers. Kingsley brought a good point yesterday that this is my first time being published on paper and that by itself is quite exciting. I’m also grateful that I made the age cut šŸ˜‰ So what’s next? Well, to start with, I’m giving a talk at TEDxKids@BC this Saturday!

Thank you once again for everyone who’s been so supportive and been RT’ing and liking the post on Twitter and Facebook.


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