I’ll be speaking at @TEDxKidsBC!

I have always dreamt of being involved with TED conferences. I didn’t care at what level, whether as a volunteer or audience and I have considered myself lucky to say that I attended the inaugural TEDxVancouver and TEDxSFU events in the last few years. It never occurred to me that I would one day be standing up on the stage to share my story. Yet, this is about to happen.

Kids have always held a special place in my heart because I truly believe that we need to start investing in them as early as possible. They are, indeed, our future. So when I read TEDxKids@BC was looking for speakers for their next event in October, I was pumped. I wasn’t entirely sure what I could contribute that would be interesting enough, but I just knew that I needed to just try it out and submit a video.

A few months have passed and I have almost given up hope on it until I received an email on an unexpected day. The first line reads “Congratulations Stephanie…” and I couldn’t believe what I was reading. I re-read it, checked the “To:” field to make sure it was supposed to be directed to me, and let Kingsley read it once again. The TEDxKids@BC committee liked my audition video and invited me to share it to the audience in October. My heart was racing fast and my hands were immediately frozen because I didn’t know what exactly I can share that would be valuable and worth sharing enough.

Then I looked back to my interests and experience that I think are rather interesting and I knew what I should speak about: personal branding. With that in mind, I submitted my talk title to the Committee: Once Upon Your Time.

It is now 64 days before the conference and I am starting to gather ideas and research to deepen my thoughts surrounding the issue and the opportunity that social media presents for personal branding. I have such an awesome support from my friends and I have created a secret support group that would help me prepare and practice my talk.


The next 64 days would be interesting as I am setting a goal to watch 1 TED video and read one relevant article a day. I am hoping to continue to update my blog with the process of my journey to prepare for my first TEDx talk ever for two reasons: 1) Track my achievements and hold myself accountable 2) To inspire others that will be doing their first TEDx talk in the future.

Stay tuned!


4 thoughts on “I’ll be speaking at @TEDxKidsBC!

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