#CrafteriaFun Recap

Ever since I first saw my sister Trixie made her own card and scrapbook, I’ve always wanted to work on my creativity and buy a huge load of scrapbooking materials to decorate everything with. Years passed by and I haven’t finished one scrapbook yet, but have done a handful of birthday and lovey dovey cards. Then I met Diana, a master crafter, and after attempting to have our own craft night, I realized how much fun it would be to have a craft night where everyone can just DIY anything they want.

Right before coming up with this idea, we both also attended an Etsy Craft Party and though it was a lot of fun, but the space was too crammed and there were serious lack of scissors and tape. What went well was the amount of different free materials to choose from.

So one day, when Diana and I were on our usual bus ride home, I asked her if she’s interested in hosting a craft night with 10-15 people at the office. She immediately said yes and we were on. We came up with the name Crafteria fairly quickly and registered it across all the top social networks.


Fast forward to August 24th 2013, we had about 30 people joining us in craft that night. We had some expert knitter, friendly hoarders, DIY newbs, two playful dogs, and one cute baby. We had people bringing and sharing their materials and lending their skills. Some even left their high quality stuff with us for next time.

The night flew by and everyone seemed to really be enjoying their time and I was happy to be able to capture the moment through the lens of my camera.

So many of the attendees were also asking us when the next one would be, which is also a good indicator of the success of the event. But when is the next event? We don’t know yet, but hopefully soon. Crafting has never been this fun!


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