This Very Moment

Lesson learned this weekend: it does not matter what you do and where you are, as long as you’re with your loved ones.

Last weekend was a long weekend here in Canada, but unlike most of my friends, I didn’t end up spending much time outdoor as I have previously planned.

The whole week I was busy catching up with work and LM stuff that I didn’t actually have time to do much research. I knew Kingsley wanted to swim on any of the day of the long weekend, so we decided to go Saturday. Not sure why I was really tired that day and ended up sleeping for most of the day and the only thing we ended up doing together that day was going to Connor’s birthday BBQ. We had fun there and stuffed ourselves with some buttered corn and roast beef.


The same sleepiness virus hit me on Sunday. Somehow I just succumbed to my bed all morning and played Minion Rush until I had to go to see my sister.

By this time, I thought he would start to get bothered and mad about “wasting” two days of our weekend. Nope, he wasn’t mad. Not even a little bit.

On Monday, I had a silly idea of going to the new Edmonds Community Pool and swim there because it’s just so close. I knew it was their grand opening day but I did not expect so many people there given that it’s Canada Day and there were so many festivities happening around town. I was wrong and we ended up in a long line up. When we finally got in, it looked impossible to swim. The pool was crowded and there’s no room to even do a kick.


While we waited in line, the guy in front of us recommended Hume Park to us. I have never been there, nor have I ever swam outdoors here in Vancouver, so it was really intriguing. We finally went there and yep, it was busy as well. We did go for a swim, but it was really hard to do length and the pool was a little dirty.

I felt so bad. It was all my mistake for delaying until that moment to finally go swimming. We should have gone on Saturday or Sunday instead and to a regular indoor pool. I think I ended up feeling worse than he was. He laughed lots and enjoyed his swim, though I knew it wasn’t the most ideal situation for him. He cheered me up and said there’s really nothing to apologize for.


That’s where I learned a valuable lesson. It really does not matter where we are or what we end up doing. The most important thing is that we are doing it together. I just have to learn to enjoy the moment instead of keep worrying about the past or the future. I have told myself so many times before that I need to be present and be in the moment, yet I still fail to do so. I’m glad that he showed me a great example of what really matters… togetherness. We could be playing Minion Rush all weekend or swimming in a crowded pool, but as long as we’re together, that’s all that mattered.


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