Scandinavian Midsummer Festival

I barely know anything about the Scandinavians though I have always wanted to visit Sweden and heard so many beautiful things about Finland and Iceland. So when I saw there was a Scandinavian festival, I was pumped.

It was my first time to the Scandinavian Center in Burnaby. Heck, I never even knew they have their own centre! It’s $10 per person for the admission, which was not cheap at all comparing Italian Fair was free and so were all the Indonesian Fairs in the past. Thankfully I was not cheap enough to skip it because behind the admission tent laid a wonderful area of Vikings (people dressing up and acting like Vikings) and a number of booths selling different items from the region.Image


We learned about their history and their armour, lifestyle, food, and clothing. We even had the chance to try the wool spindle for the first time and learned that they used to boil onion peels, marigolds, and other natural items to dye the wool. Quite creative!Image

Outside the main area, we found a back trail leading up to the Trolls Garden. We were intrigued and walked in to the garden. Just as the name suggested, it was a garden for Trolls. I had these dolls before but forgot what they were called. There were so many of them to the point it was a little creepy.



Apart from being creeped out from these Trolls, we both learned so much from coming to this Festival. I think it was the most enriching festivals I have ever been to, just because the people were all so passionate about their culture and sharing their knowledge with the bypassers. We only spent about an hour there, though I would’ve liked to spend a bit more time looking at their various crafts and produce. Anyways, I am glad I went and I got to take home this pretty flower crown we made.


I would highly recommend the festival to anyone, though I think the admission fee should be a bit lower.


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