DIY #MonstersInc card for @dianaluong_

Though I did not know Diana well while I was in University, but I feel so grateful to work with her now. She’s very talented in making anything look super cute and awesome. Her creativity, skills, and humility is just so inspiring. Somehow, she just makes everything better and she does it without knowing.

It took me awhile to think of what I should buy and make for Diana’s graduation because I am just so intimidated by her creativity, but I knew I wanted to make her something that’s very her. So I picked up my scissors, a few scrapbook paper, and away I go.


This was my first time making a pop-up card and I must admit, I was quite surprised by how well it turned out given that I didn’t look at tutorials online or did any planning beforehand. I’m glad that the inspiration hit me just in time for her graduation as well. I hope she likes it 🙂


6 thoughts on “DIY #MonstersInc card for @dianaluong_

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