Guesting #MobileChat

600 tweets sent in one hour. That’s the power of Twitter chats and with lots of pride, I’m happy to say I contributed 131 of them.

For those of you who are not familiar with Twitter chats, think of it like a live Q&A session, but on Twitter. It’s usually goes for an hour long with pre-set questions tweeted from the moderator and anyone can join in by following the hashtag. There’s hundreds of them going on weekly and #MobileChat is one of the popular ones for Marketing peeps, especially for the ones interested in the mobile industry. So when Danielle Hatfield introduced me to Patrick, who runs the weekly chat, I felt incredibly honoured and anxious at the same time.

[View the story “#MobileChat 06.05.13” on Storify]

Thankfully the audience was very engaged, so it was easy to answer even the hardest questions and move the conversation along. I shared some artifacts and gave shout outs to a few of my current Campus Ambassadors and made the story to be about them, not me.

At the end of the chat, I gained 23 new followers and I tweeted 131 tweets, which means 2 tweets per minute! I don’t know how I did it, it went by like a blur (literally – my eyes were balling out at the end of it!), but I am thankful for all the connections I made during the chat. I have lots to follow up with next week!

Thanks again Patrick for giving me the opportunity to share! And huge thanks to everyone who joined in the chat and sent me your kind words after the chat 🙂 They meant so much to me.

Kind words from the participants!


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