Thank You, Zach Sobiech, You’re an Angel.

It’s been awhile since I last cried and last night, I did. I was so touched by Zach Sobiech, an 18-years old boy who just passed away yesterday (May 20th) after being deemed terminal just a year ago.

My mom lost her best friend (who’s also my favourite family friend) to cancer a few years ago and she was a beautiful person. I was (and still am) mad at cancer for taking her away from my mom and from her amazing family. Similarly to my mom’s best friend, Zach was one inspiring person. His family and friends describe him as a happy person, not something you would associate someone terminal with. But after watching the documentary about him, I know for certain that he was indeed… happy.

He turned to music to let his feelings out and he decided to live life to the fullest by bringing joy to others around him. This is what’s so inspiring about him. It’s usually takes the entire family, if not more, to cheer one sick person, but it’s the total opposite for Zach. He was the source of joy.

Though he’s like any regular 18-year olds who like cars and just started dating, he is definitely way more mature than most. His ability to overcome his own fear and worries is so inspiring. He made me (and million others, I’m sure) reflect back upon our own lives. Most of my “bad days” are incomparable to the pain he had to go through. I have nothing to complain about and he moved me to start looking at the world in a positive way once again.


I don’t want to remember Zach as a teen that died of cancer, but I want him to be remembered as someone that moved the heart of millions by how he lived his life. If there’s anything I can learn from his life, it’d be that I want to see the beauty in everything and embrace every moment.

Thank you Zach for your heartfelt story. I am sure you are in a better place right now. May you rest in peace knowing you’ve impacted the lives of many and that your legacy will be carried on.



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