Digital Notebook

She said, “How analog of you..” as  she pointed to my notebook. I have always considered myself as a (relatively) techie person, but I still take notes mostly with my notebook. There’s nothing wrong with it, but after seeing what she used to take notes, I was sold.

The next few days, I went hunting for Wacom Bamboo stylus that I can use with my iPad 1 that has been doing nothing but collecting dust for the last four years. I finally got it yesterday and been playing around with it. Honestly, the experience has been surprisingly pleasant. I love the ability of creating notes, choosing colours and stroke width, and storing all of them in one single device. It’s brilliant.


While playing with the different iPad apps (Paper 53, Skitch, InkFlow, and Bamboo Paper), I thought of something clever. I can use my iPad as a drawing tablet! So I downloaded TeamViewer which lets me to control my laptop using my iPad, then I opened Illustrator and started drawing on the iPad. It worked great, though it’s not as sensitive as I wanted it to be. But this means I no longer have to draw on paper, then scan and trace it on Illustrator. I like different parts of the four apps I have mentioned, but Bamboo Paper seems to be the closest to what I needed it for: create PDF, sync with Evernote, multiple stroke width, colours, and books. Though I really liked InkFlow’s ability to select and move objects around. Hopefully Bamboo will incorporate this soon enough.

I know the possibility with gadgets like the iPad is endless, but I finally found a great reason to bring it around and use it. How about you? What do you use to take notes and doodle?



2 thoughts on “Digital Notebook

  1. Hi Stephanie, I work on the team that built Inkflow. Thanks for the mention and review. Our Ink system is proprietary, and as far as I know hasn’t been copied elsewhere, yet. 🙂

    If you like Inkflow, check out our latest App, Vittle, which turns your iPad into a recordable whiteboard. It’s great for creating simple and engaging videos or tutorials, or just for playing around with.

    Feel free to email me if you have any feedback on Inkflow or Vittle.

    Warm regards.

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