#InspireItForward: Trish Sissons

The following post is written by Trish Sissons, someone who contacted me via email after finding me on LinkedIn. I must admit I was a little intimidated to talk to her because she had quite a bit of experience behind her, but we ended up having a good chat like two old friends. I wish her the best in her endeavour of finding herself and creating her own path. Please note that this post was not altered in any way. 


I made a rookie mistake upon my graduation in 2012.  When I graduated, I blindly took the first job that was offered to me.  I ignored my gut and walked across the stage thinking I had done pretty well to get my degree and be one of the few people there with a job in my field lined up.  It had occurred to me to be concerned about waiting for a company that would be a good fit in terms of corporate culture and offer real growth and mentorship opportunities, but amidst the excited voices of my family and friends, I swept those concerns under my mental rug and let myself be carried away with their excitement for me.

Eventually, I came to terms with the fact that it wasn’t a great fit for me for many reasons, and the mess I had become decided that in January, I would start taking steps to develop a career I loved.  One of these steps was seeking out people who were in positions that seemed exciting to me, people who appeared to love their jobs, and taking them out for coffee to discuss their career paths and get some insight from them to help develop myself.  I used these informational interviews to find new ways to develop my own skill set and pursue careers that fulfilled me.

I met Stephanie in this way, and she kindly took me out for lunch and we spoke about all manner of things pertaining to her career at HootSuite and my personal and career development.  It is with great appreciation for people like Stephanie, who take the time out of their day to share their stories, that I am progressing in building my own story – a story where success is derived from development and fulfillment.


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