The 5 People

“You become like the five people you spend the most time with.”

I had a talk with Diana on our way home from work yesterday about how we’re like a sponge: We tend to soak in people’s energy and over time, we become the people we surround ourselves with. So it’s crucial for me to continue surrounding myself with positive people in order to keep myself positive. That led me into thinking… who are the top five people I spend the most time with and why that’s the case.

favourite five

Dave Olson: Almost everything that involves work etiquettes, I learned it from Dave. I love his management style, how he gives us autonomy and complete trust on the projects he assigned. He’s not that kind of boss that would hover over your shoulder to see what you’re doing, as long as you provide him with the result. Through this experience, I realized that I excelled better under this circumstance and thus, I am applying similar management style to the people I manage at work.

– Trixie Wiriahardja: Trixie is an amazing sister and mother. She dedicates almost all her hours to be with the family, plan birthday parties & family events, and take care of others around her. She genuinely cares about the people she loves and so humble in everything she does because she does not like being the centre of attention. She’s definitely a role model for me and growing up, I kept saying to myself “when I grow up, I want to be like her.”

Kennett Kwok: Ken and I first met in class back in 2009 and after a number of adventures and all-nighters spent together, we’ve become good friends. I admire him for his great entrepreneurial spirit and is the kind of guy that likes to get things done. He always takes the initiative to learn something and would not stop until he feels he has mastered it.

Kingsley Chan: I first met Kingsley near the intersection of Main and Hastings. No, he wasn’t dealing or anything. We were on our way to have dimsum with our coworkers. He’s the one person I always felt comfortable hanging out with at office parties just because we like to laugh at lame jokes and other random things. My fondness grew over time and it’s mostly for his way of telling stories like no other accountants can and for his maturity in handling things.

Diana Luong: Diana is probably the sweetest and most genuine person I’ve ever met. She supplies me with tons of energy just by being with her because her enthusiasm is contagious. I often see Diana as a cartoon character for her cute animatic gestures and her energy. She is a great friend, who’s always ready to help out and support her friends no matter what. Not to mention, she’s super duper creative!

Aside from these five amazing people I interact almost on a daily basis, I also have people I look up to from a slightly-farther distance.

Jillian Walker: Her name has popped up in my blog multiple times, but long story short, she’s the person who has subconsciously made me the person I am today. She inspired me so much with the number of awards she won so far and all the kickass initiatives she has done.

Michael Cheng: Michael (or Mico I call him), is not a typical student despite the fact he’s often late to class and team meetings. He has at least a dozen of running (and profitable) startups under him. You’d never guess by just talking to him though, because he’s just so humble about it all. He’s also an engaging public speaker and a good, caring friend. Oh, he’s also the license holder for TEDxSFU (how cool is that?).

Obviously I have more people that I admir beside these five cool kiddos, but these are the five I have the honour to interact with the most. Each one of them is different, yet they all possess the characteristics I strive for: strong leadership, caring, passionate, wise, and authentic.

All in all, I want to be like my dad. He’s definitely my ultimate role model because he possesses all characteristics I am striving towards: the five listed + charisma and humility.

What about you? Who are the top five people you spend the most time with? How do they influence you?


4 thoughts on “The 5 People

  1. I am so happy to be part of your five people! :). The thing I take away from is your strive to succeed, your big goal mindset, and like I said before, your ability to connect with others and show that you care (thus the vote for SMA). You stay humble through it all too.

    • Thanks Ken! I definitely learned a good lesson from SMAwards, which is humility. As for the other ones, you have those as well, so I really am not that special. Just learning from the people around me 🙂

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