#InspireItForward: Sharon Ngaira

The following post is written by Sharon Ngaira, a lovely girl I met at YWiB’s International Women’s Day Conference. Her best friend, Kiran, was one of the coordinators for the event and connected us together. I had a great time chatting with her and sharing my insider tips of how to excel in the real world as a student. Please note that this post was not altered in any way. 


I had the privilege of meeting Stephanie this past Tuesday at the Hoot Suite headquarters and her energy was infectious! Coming to the meeting with Stephanie, I had no expectations of how the meeting would end up, I was just curious to see what she does, and if It would be in line with what I want to do eventually.

I got a tour of the hoot suite offices and was impressed with the office culture, everyone seemed so relaxed and positive, yet very hard working.

After talking to Stephanie about her Community Manager position at HootSuite, I was blown away with the fact that someone at 23 could get a managerial position at a very fast growing tech company. Seeing her achieve this at such a young age challenged made me to remove all the barriers that I have placed on myself.

I also identified with Stephanie because like myself, she was an international student so we could relate on some challenges we face as international students,especially transitioning into the  career world.

Talking to Stephanie made me realize the importance  of  working in a place where my strengths are utilized and also the freedom to work on things that I enjoy, for the greater good of the company! She also gave me tips as an undergraduate student to involve myself with professional associations in order to create networks while still in school .

Moving forward,Stephanie challenged me to have an informational interview every Tuesday (my free day) on companies that I am interested in. Her idea lit a bulb in my brain and I am very enthusiastic to work on this new challenge!

All in all, I had a great time with Stephanie, her energy is positive and infectious- I definitely got more than I expected from our interaction .

Thanks Steph!


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