Trophy of Love

“… and the winner of the Must Follow 2013 Student category is…. Farhan!” Those words rang loud in my ears and I was caught so off guard. I was ready to stand up, walk over to the stage, hug Dave, get the Munny award, and give the speech I scrambled to put together just before the announcement. All of those did not happen. Tears rained down my cheeks quietly. K quickly sat back beside me (he was already getting ready to take pictures of the stage) and hugged me tight. He knew how much this meant to me. Everyone knew how much I wanted it. I knew how damn much I wanted it.

I took a deep breath and looked at Farhan as he gave his speech. It was a heartwarming speech and he couldn’t have worded his thanks any better. It was concise and so heartfelt. While I was mesmerized by his stage charisma, I received a few texts and tweets from friends and familiar strangers giving their support to me. My tears dried up immediately and a smile was back on.

I did not win the trophy, but I won in my own terms. I have so many people supporting me and the love they are pouring out is so overwhelming. I decided to put aside my feeling of disappointment and I let gratitude in. I was beyond thankful for the support I’ve received and no words nor any trophy could ever capture this amazing feeling.

Screen Shot 2013-03-29 at 11.27.56 AM

Honestly, I only wanted to have the trophy to make my parents proud more than anything else, but they know how much I tried and this is indeed only the beginning. The whole experience has been so humbling and I’m glad I keep reality in check and expectation low, so it did not hit me that hard. The past few months and years have been so amazing and this is a great reminder for me that sometimes in life I win, sometimes I lose. I’m thankful to be taught this through this experience and I’m going to continue business as usual and look for the next big thing I should aim for.



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