Inspire It Forward

Everyone has a bright future, sometimes they just need a little push to get where they are.

Growing up, I had difficulties figuring out who I am and what I want to be, and for awhile, I wished I was Peter Pan. However, after attending Jillian Walker‘s workshop at Beyond Pink 2010 Conference about How to Become a Hot Commodity, I was determined to take actions. I have personally grown so much since then and I am both proud and amazed at myself with where I am today.

It has been such an incredible journey and there were lots of uncertainties along the way, but I kept listening to my heart and did everything with some sort of rationale. Recently, I had the honour to share my story on, a website providing job-seeking students with great resources on job opportunities, career guides, and success stories. I’ve received a great response from the article, both from my sphere of networks and from others on the interwebs.

Fueled with excitement, I decided to launch a new initiative. Every 2 weeks I will be setting aside an hour of my time to meet with an undergrad / recent grad, to listen to their life story and share mine. I honestly always feel so motivated and inspired after hearing stories from others, so I hope my stories would inspire them too. In return, I will ask them to write a blog post summarizing the meeting including what they were expecting, what they learned, and what their next steps are. I will also challenge them to do another informational interview with someone from their dream company or that have their dream job in the next 30 days.


I had so many doors in front of me and a number of keys in hand, but I had no idea which key I should try first. The push I got from Jillian helped me sort out the keys and remove the barriers that ultimately brought me to where I am today. I had my push back in 2010 and now it’s my turn to push others to the next level (#payitforward). Tweet me at @stephawie or leave a comment below if you’re interested!


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