I was incredibly honoured when I received an email from someone I used to look up to. I hurriedly opened the email and I was happy to find that he’s connecting me with someone involved in YWiB (Young Women in Business). I replied to the email right after and after a series of emails, I was scheduled to meet with Kiran from YWiB SFU to learn more about how I can get involved in their upcoming International Women’s Day conference on March 10th, 2013.


I had such a great time chatting with her about the state of women in business right now and we both agreed that women should appreciate themselves more. She kindly offered me to come to their conference as an exhibitor and one of the 8 hand-picked “Industry Leaders”. They will be choosing one lucky delegate interested in the tech industry to connect and chat with me about my journey. I also expressed my interest in getting even more involved in the organization by offering to tell my story as a panelist or a workshop speaker at their upcoming Beyond Pink conference in November.


Up until now, I always referred Beyond Pink 2010 as the event that inspired me to be the person that I am today. After attending Jillian Walker‘s “How to be a Hot Commodity”, I was hooked on the idea and relentlessly look for ways to do so. I am so looking forward to be giving back to this group of incredible ladies.

At the end of our meeting, I asked Kiran how she first heard of me. She said my name has came out multiple times during YWiB meetings by the execs and by her brother. I honestly only know one person in the exec team right now. Her brother came to HootSuite about a year ago and somehow remembered me as I was the one giving him the tour. It all sounded so bizarre to me about how I could be remembered by them and at the same time, I am honoured. Being genuine and nice in general go a long way. It was proven today that people do remember and it’s a great reminder for me to put the best foot forward in everything I do.



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