Top 3 Nominees


Thank you to Rein Mahatma for your continuous support and encouragement to write articles.

Thanks Tim McDonald for the honour of covering me as a Community Manager of the Day on Jan 13.

Thanks Trixie WiriahardjaTia RichardBu Parmi for your daily votes and reminding me to vote for myself.

Thanks Ismail Alaoui,Lydia WoudenbergAnne RaaymakersMichał NewiakAllan Blair BeatonRolf van VelthovenChristoph Ulbert and Juliette Chaniot (whoops, I should’ve added Germany and France in the infographic too!) for the international support.

Thanks to Kingsley Nathan Chan for setting your alarm to vote every 22 hours.

Thanks to Jillian WalkerMichael S TanJulio Viskovich for tweeting the word out over and over again.

Huge thanks to the organizers for the opportunity: Mark Woo,Diana ChanDean TsatouhasSpencer TothJulia LauKimberly Nguyen-Don.

I am so incredibly grateful to have this much support from everyone ❤


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