Getting my stride back

The last three weeks have been so fun for me as I was trusted to launch a new program at work where I get to find stellar students I can empower and inspire. I must say, they have empowered and inspired me so much more than I to them. Their great spirits and excitement for the program is very contagious and it makes me overly excited about bombarding them with even more resources. 

This is the type of work I love to be doing and though I do not have any team mates that can directly help me right now (not until next Monday at least!), I do not feel alone. The support I have gotten from the community and my overall team have been so amazing and I am so grateful to be given this opportunity. 

The feeling of getting tired at 11pm is something new to me though. I was always on-the-go with a number of projects on my plate, but I have never felt as satisfied as I am now. I felt I am in complete charge of the Ambassadors and the program they are kindly lending their time to. Who knew sleeping earlier would be great for my health and my eyes? With only one big project on my mind also helps me to really focus and do everything well, instead of producing many mediocre things.

I feel like I am picking momentum and these two first months of 2013 is nothing short of awesomeness and happiness and I owe it to the people that have helped me gain my stride back. 


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