37 and 343 Memories

As HootSuite is moving to a new office, I thought I should share some of my memories of the buildings we have nested in even before it was conceived…


Dirty bikes, wandering dogs, men with pimpin’ beards. Those were the first three things I saw when I walked in the HootSuite office for an interview 1.5+ years ago. While these should be enough to scare anyone off, I was charmed by both them and the warm welcome I got as I toured around the space. 

Like many of the vets, I have sat in all corners of the 37 office and cramped in the tiny room to make HootKits. Though months have passed, the smell of fish and freshly boiled eggs that greeted us every morning in the bunker and the never-ending high decibel server noise in the community room still taunt me in my sleep. 

Yet they all seem so perfect in my memory now. They made the memories we shared at 37 and 343 even more memorable. So many laughs were shared, so many new friendships and Google Docs were created, and almost too many tweets were sent in these two buildings. 

We have truly created a nest in our office but I have no doubt that no matter where we go, it will be a nest for us. I look forward to creating even more memories in our next adventure together in the new office.



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