Experience Reviews

How many food bloggers are there? How many people write on UrbanSpoon, Yelp, TripAdvisor, and other review websites everyday? Thousands.


I rarely spend any time writing reviews and I often feel it’s redundant seeing how many people that are already doing that, but in December I had a little epiphany. While I was thinking about my career path and life in general, it hit me that no one really writes about experience. Sure they write about their experience with the food, the service, but only as if experience is a secondary thing. To me, experience is one important aspect that have led me to make so many life decisions and it continues to be something I always look for.

Think about it, when you want to go to get food, you consider the last place you have been to or the new restaurant you heard of. You think about how happy you were when you visited a place and this experience includes the food, the service, decor, and everything else that determine if a place worth to be visited twice or not. When a guest is in town, I always find it difficult to look for a place to bring to that would have a lasting memory. People don’t go to a restaurant merely to have the food, but to have the full experience. While the service at McDonalds might be sloppy, the value of the meal is what get people to come back. At the same time, the food at a fine dining restaurant is usually not too filling, but the service is great. Same as marketing campaigns, there are thousands of them being produced and implemented everyday, but ultimately only a few goes viral for the feel they give to the audience and the cohesiveness with the brand.

Experience is something we feel, yet is often forgotten.

So with this in mind, I feel like I just found a new challenge for me. I want to write “Experience Reviews”. I want to share my experience of a certain place, certain product, certain website. Everything that I feel about them, from what I taste, to what I hear, see, smell, and feel. We are human with five sense organs and it would only make sense to write a full review, making the whole experience as the primary goal.


Am I being too blunt here? Do you think review sites are doing this already?


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